Monday, March 15, 2010

Justice and Self-Determination in Indonesian Papua

Podcasts of the Oxford Symposium on Justice and Self-Determination in
Indonesian Papua held on 6 February 2010 are now available at:

It includes the following speakers and subjects:

Opening Remarks
Phil Clark, Convenor of Oxford Transitional Justice Research

"The Origins of Papua Nationalism"
Pieter Drooglever, Institute of Netherlands History

"The Role of the United States in the New Guinea Dispute"
Albert Kersten, University of Leiden

"Melanesian Dreams"
Jos Marey, former chairman of Papua Student Association

"Living for Independence"
Benny Wenda, Papua leader in exile

"The Genealogy and Logic of Torture in Papua: a Reflection"
Budi Hernawan, Office of Justice and Peace, Jayapura and Australian National University, Canberra

"Human Rights and Transitional Justice - Justice for Papuans?"
Jennifer Robinson, Finers Stephens Innocent LLP and Secretary of International Lawyers for West Papua

"A Roadmap for West Papua?"
Muridan Widjojo, Indonesian Academy of Sciences

"Considerations on the Right to Self-Determination"
Charles Foster, The Ethox Centre, Department of Public Health & Primary Health Care, University of Oxford

"Revisiting History and Special Autonomy for Papua"
Agus Sumule, first advisor to the governor of Papua

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