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EU Research and the Pacific

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The European research and the Pacific - on the move! The European Commission to facilitate networking between European actors with a research focus on Pacific Islands. You are invited to share this information with potentially interested people and organizations from your contact/mailing lists. Thank you in advance for your help and participation.

La recherche européenne et le Pacifique - ça bouge! La Commission européenne souhaite faciliter la mise en réseau des acteurs européens dont l'objet de recherche porte sur l'Océanie. Vous êtes invités à partager cette information avec les personnes et organisations potentiellement concernées. Merci d'avance pour votre aide et votre participation.

European Commission
Relations with the countries and the region of the Pacific
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EU Research and the Pacific

EU-based research initiatives on the Pacific Islands are generally not well-known and therefore hardly accessible by students, academics, private organizations and institutions such as the European Commission. The bulk of research material is provided by non-European institutes, universities and researchers. This hampers the development of Pacific-centred academics and research in Europe but also the Pacific-tailored policy making and strategy formulation.

Stimulating a European research on the Pacific Islands is one of the 2006 EU strategy for the Pacific objectives. In this context, the Unit responsible for EU-Pacific relations in DG Development wishes to facilitate networking between European actors and organizations with a research focus on Oceania or with research themes relevant for the Region.

How to participate?
The first step is to establish by 31st March 2010, a comprehensive survey of researchers, universities institutes, research centres and initiatives or projects on the Pacific in the EU. The second step would be to start contacts as soon as possible to discuss objectives and expectations of such a European network on the basis of this survey.

Should you be interested please send the following information prior to 31st March 2010 to :
  1. Name
  2. Organizations and contact details
  3. Research areas
  4. Ongoing and upcoming projects by geographic area (including Melanesia/Micronesia/Polynesia, Timor-Leste, Australia, New Zealand);
  5. Partnerships with other national/European/non-European organizations;
  6. Views on the added-value of establishing an European network and on expectations vis-à-vis the European Commission.

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