Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Call for Papers

Law and Culture 2011:

The present is the living past

Hosted by the University of the South Pacific School of Law,

Emalus Campus, Port Vila Vanuatu,

29 August - 31 August 2011

The question of how to make law operate effectively whilst remaining culturally appropriate is critical for all Pacific islands. This question arises, in large part, due to the particular colonial histories of Pacific countries. In order to appreciate how law operates in the current post-colonial environment and the current paths of development that we are following, and that shape our laws, we need to understand where our laws and systems have come from.

The issues that this conference theme give rise to are not only legal, or historical. Understanding the place and operation of laws is inherently interdisciplinary, and requires conversations across a range of disciplines. Pacific scholars from other subject areas, including anthropology, development studies, governance and political studies are encouraged to attend this conference.

  • Papers and posters that explore how the historical context shapes contemporary Pacific legal systems are invited.
  • Papers addressing any aspect of Pacific legal studies or post-colonial legal studies more generally are also welcomed.

The conference organisers are committed to the development of young Pacific scholars and students and early career researchers from a range of disciplines are particularly encouraged to participate.

Abstracts are due by 24 June 2011 and should be submitted via email to jowitt_a@vanuatu.usp.ac.fj .

For further information, including the abstract submission form and presentation and poster guidelines see the conference website http://www.paclii.org/law-and-culture/ .

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