Thursday, August 14, 2008

Melanesian Research Seminar (MRS) Series for 2008-09

I wanted to advertise the listing of seminars for the Melanesian Research Seminar (MRS) for 2008-09. Held at the British Museum, as part of the Melanesian Project (a 5 year AHRC funded project on the Melanesian collections at the BM), the seminar series provides academics and graduate students an opportunity to workshop a paper and place outside of their institutions to interact with others interested in the region. Run since 2006, the seminar series is open to all interested.

As papers are circulated and read before the seminar, please contact Elizabeth Bonsek at the British Museum for further details. Here email can be found on the BM's website.

Oct 2 Ira Bashkow (Virginia)

Nov 7 Anthony Pickles (UCL)

Dec 12 Alice Street (Sussex)

Jan 23 Karen Sykes (Manchester)

Mar 6 Thorgeir Kolshus (University of Oslo)

April 24 Justin Shaffner (Cambridge)

May 22 Liz Bonshek (Melanesia Project)

Jun 26 Tony Crook (St. Andrews)

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