Thursday, July 3, 2008

Book Contract Competition - California Series in Public Anthropology

The University of California Press and the Center for Public Anthropology
are sponsoring competitions to award two book contracts this fall in
the press' public anthropology series. Please click here for a PDF for details.

Robert Borofesky has clarified that the competition is now divided into
two categories:
  1. individuals with doctorates and
  2. graduate students who have not yet received their doctorates
The deadline for the competition is October 1, 2008.

More information about the series and competition can be found on the Public
Anthropology website ( by clicking here.

As noted on the website:

Individuals interested in submitting manuscripts to the Series should,
as a first step, submit a 3-4,000 word overview of their manuscript –
detailing the problems addressed, the manner in which they are addressed
through the manuscript, and the style of writing used. (Obviously, a clear
indication of the writing style will be the overview itself.) They should
also include a chapter by chapter outline of the manuscript with three
to five sentence descriptions of each chapter’s contents. These two
statements should be emailed, as attachments, to with a brief cover letter.

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