Monday, June 23, 2008

RESEARCH NOTES: Landowners at Marengo and Ramu Nickel (Dr. Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi)

On 14 July 2008 at the National Research Institute (Port Moresby)
at 10:00 a.m. Dr. Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi (former MIG chair) will
be discussing her recent work at the Marengo mining prospect
95 kilometres south west of Madang) and how landowners there are
connected to landowners at Ramu Nickel (mostly one and the same!).
Both the Marengo and Ramu Nickel prospects are in the Gende people's
home territory in southern Madang Province. Laura has carried out most
of her ethnographic research with the Gende since 1982, her focus
being social and political aspects of economic change (or not) and
the Gende's long involvement with the global economy. Since Laura
has just completed a large survey/census in a number of Gende villages,
her "talk" will be more discussion than formal presentation. Laura is
a research affiliate with both the National Research Institute and
Bryn Mawr College. Her most recent publication is "Its not about women only"
in Pulling the Right Threads (edited by Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi and
Jeanette Dickerson-Putman).

Laura will send an update after she discusses her research at NRI

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Joshua said...

The Post Courier ran the following story about Dr. Zimmer-Tamakoshi's talk:


Tuesday 15th July, 2008

Expert queries Ramu mine benefits

A TOP researcher who has done extensive studies on the Gende people of the Yandera and Ramu nickel/cobalt mine area has asked why these people are not benefiting from the mining activities.
Dr Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi, who has studied the 10,000 people living in this remote part of Madang Province for the last 26 years, said despite the drilling activities at Yandera and the mining activities at Ramu NiCo, basic services were still lacking.
She asked if the national and provincial governments were seriously looking at the people’s infrastructure and environmental concerns while mining activities were proceeding.
Australian miner Marengo Mining Limited is drilling at their 100 per cent–owned Yandera prospect while Ramu NiCo is being operated by the Chinese Metallurgical Group Corporation, ta Chinese state-owned construction company.
“What’s happening to the monies that come from Kurumbukari (Ramu NiCo mine)? How much of it is ending up in schools? What about they putting in schools so that kids can get education?” Dr Zimmer-Tamakoshi asked during a seminar at the National Research Institute in Port Moresby yesterday.
While she highlighted the changes in the people’s attitude to land ownership, Dr Zimmer-Tamakoshi said the Chinese officials at the Ramu NiCo project on numerous occasions did not allow her to conduct studies on the mining activities.
The Ramu NiCo project contains an estimated 143 million tonnes at 1.01 per cent nickel and 0.1 per cent cobalt.
The project is being developed with commissioning of the mine to be completed by early next year. It is expected to have a mine life of 20 years.